Welcome to the new home of StonesGoals

5th November 2015

Following the success of the @StonesGoals service this season I have decided to up the ante – and what better timing than the week of the biggest Cup tie in recent years.

Welcome to the new StonesGoals website, complete with a live feed to all your latest match day video.

To watch latest in game footage simply navigate to StonesGoals TV via the menu bar. Here you will find a constant feed of all the most recently uploaded clips.

This weekend

Wealdstone v Colchester United

StonesGoals will still operate in some form but given the broadcasting companies in situ it would be foolish to think I could compete with the professional quality of what they are paying to provide- in terms of highlights.


Remember, BBC Football Focus will be broadcasting from the freebets.co.uk stadium live from 12.10pm on Saturday with extended highlights available on both Match of the Day and BT Sport. It really is a day to look forward to.

Despite the presence of many TV crews, there’s a lot they can’t capture and without giving too much away you can look forward to a different sort of coverage throughout the day.

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