Influential North back to boost Stones

28th March 2016

Seven keepers (Eight if you include Matt Ball) have been utilised across all competitions by Gordon Bartlett this season but none have been as effective as long-term number one, Jonathan North.

The 25-year-old former Hornets trainee, who joined the Stones in Summer 2010, returned to competitive league action on Saturday after missing three-months of the campaign due to knee surgery.

During his absence Stones possessed a lower win ratio and shipped goals at a higher frequency (2 per game on average – compared to just 1.17 per game with North). Furthermore, the Stones obtained less points without their popular Welsh stopper.



Full record, league games only for 2015/16 campaign:

Played: 18
Wins: 6
Loses: 7
Draws: 5
For: 24
Against: 21
Points: 23

*includes Eastbourne Borough where Matt Ball played out remaining 55-minutes in goal due to North sending off.

Played: 17
Wins: 4
Loses: 4
Draws: 9
For: 32
Against: 34
Points: 21

**keepers featured: Bransgrove, Howes, Taylor, Gore. (Dutton & Malone only featured in cup games)

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